Status of the book publication: Book1 Is PUBLISHED!

Hello my name is F.R. D’Onofrio and I just completed writing a book titled ELVIS: The King of Rock and Roll – Book1: The Crowning of a King.

At the moment We looked at a number of publishers and mulled offers they have made. Unfortunately, none have come through. Despite the success of the Baz Luhrmann Film ELVIS. It has been frustrating.

So instead of waiting, I decided to self-publish this book. If at some point a publisher is decides to make a call. I promise to let everyone know immediately.

Book1 focuses primarily on Elvis’ rise from nothing to his “coronation” as The King of Rock and Roll. There are 3 other books in the series.

  • Book2: The King and His Reig
  • Book3 The Return of THE KING OF ROCK AND ROLL
  • Book$: The Death of the King and his Legacy

Please leave some comments and start a discussion.

If you are an Elvis fan as I am, you will find some wonderful items here to look at in the future. I encourage Elvis fans to participate and start some discussions.

Let’s have some fun.
F.R. D’Onofrio

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