My name is F.R. D’Onofrio. I am the author of a narrative biography titled ELVIS: The King of Rock & Roll. (This is not a self-published book). 

The book details Elvis’ progression from his first “accident” of “That’s All Right” to his meteoric rise to become the King of Rock and Roll.  I believe it will become the definitive work of explaining why Elvis deserved the Title “King of Rock & Roll”, and removing all doubt to the veracity of the title.  

The book discusses in detail, the social, political landscape at the time, and also dispels the discussion of “cultural appropriation”. In the process, the book dispels all who lay claim to the title King of Rock and Roll or believed that they were entitled to a title that Elvis clearly earned.  The book stays clear of the salacious discussion and focuses primarily upon the music and the drive it took Elvis to climb the ultimate peak.

The book has many characters, that are familiar to the reader, but are discussed in a different way. It is an honest portrayal of the situations, and the issues that Elvis faced as he climbed the ladder of success.

I try to put the reader into Elvis’ shoes, and into each moment that he made a decision. This was not the cool Elvis, not the enigma. This was, after all, a 19-year-old young man, without any training or guidance. A young man who just wanted to sing, and make people happy!

The book will be available sometime in 2020.   I am in negotiations with several publishers at the moment to find the right partner.  I am mulling offers to finalize printing, distribution, and publicity. 

During this time I will be using this website as a launching pad for the book.  I will be creating blogs and podcasts to create publicity for the release.  I hope you will enjoy the next few months as we actively look forward to the official publication.

As soon as I receive a publication date, I will post it here.  

In the meantime, let’s talk about ELVIS: The King of Rock and Roll 

F.R. D’Onofrio