George Klein: Elvis’ Oral Biographer

GK was not an author – he had a writer capture his stories to write his book. However, GK was Elvis’ Oral Biographer…

In ancient days… People used to sit around the fire, while wise men told stories: Legends of the great men that proceeded them…

People wrote down these stories as they were passed on through the generations.

While GK was alive – we listened to him each and every week – and he would pass on to all of us the stories and fun times that he witnessed Many of us listened, not only to be entertained but to be catapulted back in time.

GK would tell us what had occurred and why Elvis would do something. He was the voice of someone who was there, he was a trusted friend who saw the moments as they occurred, with a front-row seat while they occurred.


GK would tell these stories in such a way that would allow us to be part of the moment. Then he would bring a friend into the conversation that would validate it. At the conclusion; Elvis’ beautiful would voice join us, and we would feel good inside.

GK had a gift to describe moments vividly, while Elvis’ gift was to make moments beautiful with song. Elvis’ gift was to sing songs in such a way that we would feel good inside. GK’s gift was to speak to us in a way that would bring the moment back to life in a vivid fashion. All of these moments together have now been preserved and the awesome legend of Elvis: The King of Rock and Roll can live forever!

Today, GK has gone, But it is still possible to sit around the fire like to old days… Instead of reading the stories that were written, we can listen as GK tells us in his own voice and words these great stories, and Elvis will always be able to make us feel good with his songs. We can do that because GK shared those moments with us in the past, and those moments have been recorded. His vivid descriptions along with Elvis’ wonderful singing will forever be in our hearts.

What is so important to note is that these stories that have become legends are true! We have those stories because of the Oral Biographer – George Klein.

We can always tune in to hear GK tell us about the Legend of Elvis: The King of Rock and Roll – and about all of his friends’ their stories and adventures. They are now part of oral history. They will be heard forever as a part of SIRIUS / XM and other media formats.

Those stories are destined, like Elvis’ wonderful songs to be played forever.

Now GK AND ELVIS will live forever in our memories because memories are the only thing that lasts.

Thank you, GK – Rest in Peace

I only knew you for just a brief moment – but you touched my heart in a way that was so profoundly. You gave me the encouragement to write my book about Elvis and to hopefully like you, I can add value to his legend.



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