Elvis: The King of Rock and Roll – Book 1: The Crowning of a King is Published

The anticipated Book by author Frank R. D’Onofrio, has been officially published and is available on Amazon.com in Paperback, Hardcover and on Kindle .  Get your copy 

Have you ever wondered WHY Elvis is considered the King of Rock and Roll?

The Baz Luhrmann Film ELVIS – Never answered this question! Why?

Also, they seemed to insinuate that Elvis stole his music and style from other artists.  It is patently untrue!

Those looking at Elvis by today’s standards, are not looking at the surrounding facts. They can be hard pressed to understand how Elvis could be labeled “The King of Rock and Roll.” This story puts the reader right in the moment.  

This is the story of what happened as Elvis Presley rocketed from oblivion to become one of the greatest influencers of the 20th Century. Without a doubt, in early 1954, a poor teenage truck driver for a local electric company, and a Memphis housing project Elvis Presley was considered least likely to achieve stardom. Elvis was a Billion to 1 shot that he could achieve the level of stardom.  

In 1954, Rock and Roll music was in the embryo stage, not yet defined as a musical genre. It evolved from black music. Rhythm and Blues (R&B) emanated from black-owned nightclubs in Southern USA. But with a very limited following. 1950s Teens yearned for music of their own, were obliged by local Memphis DJ – Dewey Phillips, playing R&B through his successful local radio show – Red Hot and Blue at WHBQ, heard for miles in many of the surrounding states.,. Memphis, TN. was ground Zero for the future of Rock and Roll music. July 5th, 1954, Elvis Presley arrived at the Memphis Recording Services to record a demo for record producer Sam Phillips (no relation to Dewey).

At that point, Elvis never sang a single note professionally.

Elvis Auditioned for hours without any success or glimmer of hope, Elvis was on the brink of ending his first recording session without success! Elvis, a bundle of nerves played a song to pass the time. The nervous, scared teenager paced the floor during the late break. Thinking no one was listening, he nervously played an old R&B song. Strumming chords to the song called “That’s All Right Mama,” He played it with a slight alteration of tempo and style. 

Then something happened! Lightning Struck!

It is questionable if young Elvis Presley’s career could have even started!

Within 2 Years the entire world knows who he is, and by September 1956 he is known by his single and distinct name ELVIS:

Elvis Presley: The King of Rock and Roll explains the early intermingled rise of Elvis Presley and Rock and Roll music. A lightning storm started on July 5th, 1954. hitting terminal velocity on The Ed Sullivan Show, September 9th, 1956, over 60 million people tuned in to a coronation of Elvis Presley as the definitive King of Rock and Roll.

It is why John Lennon said “Before Elvis there was nothing.

But the road to the title had pitfalls. Read why Elvis Presley legitimately earned and deserved the title. Altering the trajectory in history. Within two years, Elvis Presley went from the brink of a failed audition to the largest-selling recording artist in the world! Pioneering a new musical genre presenting Rock & Roll music to a new audience.

Feel the emotions of the young teenager and understand what caused this transformation; focusing on music, events, and people around him. With raw talent alone and without any musical or financial pedigree.

In 2018 George Klein(GK) read book excerpts in Sirius XM Elvis Radio Studio .He said: “Frank, no one has written this story – This is It!



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