F.R. D’Onofrio. is a 58-year-old Information Technology Program Manager. He is happily married to the Love of his Life and he currently lives in Conowingo, MD.  

Mr. D’Onofrio has written and published many articles in his lifetime, but his admiration for one of the world’s most influential cultural icons led him on a journey of a lifetime.  In 2017, Mr. D’Onofrio visited the home of Elvis Presley,  in Memphis Tennessee, on a 6-month business assignment.  After visiting Graceland with his wife on a number of occasions that year, he got an inspiration to document the story of Elvis’ rise to prominence.  On May 26, 2017, he spoke with the legendary George Klein (GK) at Graceland.   After his conversation, GK encouraged Mr. D’Onofrio to pursue his dream and to write the book. Stating “Frank, no one has done something like this – ever!”  18 months later the book was complete. 

Over the years, Mr. D’Onofrio has written some romance stories and poetry and has been the author of many technical articles.  He has managed technology projects worldwide for Fortune 100 companies and has been a prolific writer for most of his adult life.