Dewey Phillips – The Man that History Forgot

For almost 65 Years the story of Elvis Presley’s rise from obscurity has been well documented.  However, if not for an almost forgotten Memphis disc jockey it might have never happened.Read about the man who introduced Elvis to the world, and how his contribution to Rock and Roll has been virtually ignored by history and the guardians of that history – The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.   If it were not for the introduction to the world by Dewey Phillips, the phenomenon and impact of Elvis Presley may never have been heard. 

Elvis Presley and the Culture of Racism Today

It is amazing how a decades-old lie resurfaces. Over 60 years ago an essay appeared in a Fort Worth magazine. That essay contained a lie about Elvis Presley, claiming he was an overt racist. The essay was quickly proven false at the time, yet it is continuously cited as an example. of his obvious racist roots.


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